Myths about Chiropractic

Myths and Misconceptions about Chiropractic

Myth #1

Chiropractors treat back pain only- This isn't true. Chiropractors Vertebral Subluxations which can help many symptoms other than back pain, to be alleviated. By correcting the Subluxations, the body functions at a higher level which can help anything from sciatica to asthma.

Myth #2

Chiropractors can only help adults- Absolutely false! In fact, children often respond faster and better than adults. The most important thing to realize about children is that they have open growth plates. When a child has scoliosis, for example, being able to make improvements in their spine is so much more effective while the growth plates are open. The spine is easier to mold into the correct form- all parents need to know this.

Myth #3 

An adjustment can cause a stroke- The chances of having a stroke from a Chiropractic adjustment is about 1 in 7,000,000. 

Myth #4

I can't afford Chiropractic- Medical treatment costs significantly more than Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic Care has been proven to be more effective and less costly than conventional medical treatments for various ailments. 

Myth #5

Chiropractors aren't REAL Doctors- Chiropractors have an 8 year College Education just like any Medical Doctor.  Dr. Waskevich has a 4 year Bachelors Degree and a 4 year Doctorate.

Myth #6

I've heard Chiropractors keep you coming back- Dr. Waskevich spends a lot of time analyzing each patient on a case by case basis. Each patient will receive a Care Plan and recommendations based on their specific needs.

Myth #7

I don't have the time- The first visit can take 45-60 minutes ( having your forms done ahead of time online helps). This first visit is where the Dr. Waskevich gets to understand your specific case and needs. After the first visit, each visit is just 15-20 minutes!

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